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Dec 10

raw foodie.

today i started a 3 day raw food extravaganza. i was calling it a ‘diet’, but it’s not a diet in the traditional lose-5-pounds-sense. it’s a LIFESTYLE. did you roll your eyes at me just a bit? :)

i find it funny that i’ve gotten so many questions about whether certain foods are ok on the raw food extravaganza – i mean, it’s not a very complex concept. ask yourself is it RAW? if so, then it’s ok. if it’s been cooked, roasted, boiled, grilled, fried in batter it’s NOT raw anymore.

i guess it gets tricky when you get to dairy products because most of them are pasteurized and then there are tricky foods like honey which you assume are raw, but most store bought honey is in fact pasteurized also. i did buy some raw honey and it tastes like rainbows. yep, like actual fragmented light particles dancing in raindrops. that’s how good it is. considering the price i paid, it better taste like rainbows. yep…i’ve found out that eating a diet of raw organic foods is not cheap – unless you have your own vegetable garden, bee hives, milking cow etc. my landlord won’t even let us have a plant indoors, let alone a milking cow. so inconsiderate.


“you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” – dr. seuss


i’d like this dress please.


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2 comments on “raw foodie.”

  1. pascale Says:

    Hey Gol! I’m keen to hear how you find it – i did it for 8 weeks when in Japan (although i’ll admit i could only commit to 70% raw over there because a lot of my evening meals were eaten out and sashimi during winter just doesn’t warm the cockles).


    (ps, i just purchased some raw honey comb for 5 bucks from a swiss marketer on the outskirts of Auckland. Next time i’m up that way i’ll have to get two boxes and send you one!)


  2. Steffen Says:

    I’ve been working on incorporating raw foods into my lifestyle for a few months. My housemates have been really getting into it, and then I dated a fellow Baha’i over the summer who really pushed me to try it.

    I like it because I h8 h8 h8 cooking and it’s easy for me to be creative and not spend a lot of time on it. I always feel better eating this way–my challenge right now is in learning how to address temptations and cravings that come up.

    I highly recommend a book called “12 Steps to Raw Foods” by Victoria Boutenko–I’ve found it the most practical.(Whoops, that book is now two months overdue from the library!) Also, the best raw food cookbooks I’ve seen are by Ani Phyo–the recipes are both really simple and really delicious.

    Best of luck in exploring this lifestyle!

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