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Mar 11

razi wilson photography + give.away!

if you’ve been wanting to: take a photo of your kids before they turn into emo-teens, capture your adorable grandparents holding hands, or get some photos with the man/woman/child/puppy/landscape that makes your heart beat fast, then you might be very interested in today’s giveaway.

razi wilson is a photographer slash therapist slash music video beauty slash awesome person. she’s someone i wish i saw more of in this big city we live in, so i was delighted when she reached out to me to see if i could do a giveaway of one of her photography packages on my blog!

here’s a little bit more about razi:

// describe your photography style in 5 words: natural, creative, emotional, beautiful, documentary-ish,

// what is your LEAST favorite subject matter to take photographs of? Events other than weddings. I find it hard to deal with posing people and getting really cool shots, and lighting is usually challenging. I like natural light and open spaces.

// tell me about one of your most favorite shots.

This photo really says it all about my style and sentiment. It is about the feeling and the moment. I love to see the persons personality in the photo the joy or the pain in their eyes. This little girl was so mature for her age (6).  She just had way too much experience for a girl her age and i find this photo paralyzing and deep.  I love taking children’s portraits, they are so raw and real and uninhibited, they don’t know how to hide who they are.

// so…hipstamatic – awesome or annoying? I love that cool photography is accessible, I find that more and more people are using photography as a creative medium to express themselves, so kudos to all the iphone photogs. I think people can make so many things look cool with all those fancy filters.  It’s super fun!  What i find a little annoying is that there are real photographers using actual poloroids to make art and all these apps kind of make them indistinguishable – not the art, that speaks for itself, but the medium. And now everything is in cyberspace, so i feel for those artists who are doing it the real way.

// what do people underestimate when it comes to taking a great photograph? I think they underestimate the balance of technique and art that goes into making a great image. Not only are you waiting for that look or that movement you have to be adjusting aperture, shutter speed and frame the photo just right, thinking about the environment and what you want to include in the composition.  Some photographers just see it.  And i think that’s an enormous skill and talent.

// giveaway //

entering the giveaway for a razi wilson photography package valued at $150, is easy peasey (spell check wants me to change this to ‘easy peasant’ and i’m super tempted):

1. ‘like’ razi photography on facebook: here.
2. add a comment to this post with your favorite photo from razi’s photography portfolio.

winner will be picked at random on wednesday 12pm PST.

go on. do it. after all, it’s time you updated your facebook profile picture ;)

*small print: package is a “mini-session” 30-45 min, value: $150. shoot can involve 4 people max. session to be redeemed in Los Angeles only. winner receives 10-20 color corrected images hi res on CD.
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18 comments on “razi wilson photography + give.away!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    hard to choose… but i think this is my favorite:


  2. Angie Says:

    I agree that it is hard to choose. This is my pic:

  3. Laura Luna Says:

    This is one of my many many favorite photos:

    This is my Fav! NOT just because it’s my family :) but because I think it shows Razi’s “eye” as well as her unique and creative style. Here’s a lil’ background on the photo: This was a day when my husband & I were not prepared to be in these photos (we just wanted our boys) but we needed to figure out a way to get my youngest son who was being shy and clingy…to cooperate in the photo shoot. Razi came up with this great idea to get him comfortable with the shots… and it became our favorite photo!

  4. Kimberlee Says:

    Love, love, love this pic!

  5. Mariam Says:

    she is fantastic! i adore this shot:

  6. zhaleh Says: is my favorite. razi is also my favorite. she’s the raddest and the baddest!

  7. Nicole Says: – it was a tough choice , but i picked this one because his facial expression is adorable , perfect contrast :)

  8. Devon Kinder Says:

    Great photography! this one is my favorite because it is so simple yet powerful.

  9. Ryan Says:

    Love the background on this one.

  10. Allyson Farley Says:

    This is my favorite picture. It captures beauty in nature, in family, in her alone and so much more.

  11. Erik Says:

    feel its capture person essence and the moment

  12. Christine Says:

    This picture is the epitome of the parents bonding with their unborn child, PRICELESS!

    I wish they took portraits like that when I was PG a WAY back when (oldest is 27). :)

  13. Adreanna Says: This is the BEST!! I love her shots, you can see her personality in the images she captures.

  14. raz g Says:

    Razi is amazing and even though I LOVE all my wedding pics she did, I choose this little girl as my favorite pic because every time I see this picture it makes me smile so big! And Razi’s artistic abilities are so evident with the wheat field, the colors, and shooting that perfect moment. Love all the work!

  15. Mook Says:


  16. Ashley Says:

    What a fantastic way to give artists exposure :)

    Tough call. All her belly photos were also beautiful.

  17. Mary Says:

    is my favorite. Weddings are ripe with opportunity for cliche snapshots, but this one is a spontaneous, fresh look at bridesmaids.

  18. Razi Says:

    Thanks to everyone who took part in this giveaway, all your comments are so special to me and I hope I get to meet you all one day!
    Thanks so much!
    ~razi wilson photography

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