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Jan 11

recorded for prosterity

dev just told me that when he was younger (like 8 or 9) he had a short spikey haircut with a long rattail. and for school photos one year, his mum braided the rattail and dev placed it on his shoulder so you could see it in the portrait photo.

in case you were not around in the 80’s and don’t know what a rattail is, here’s a photo.

i am revolted and yet find it endearing at the same time. which means i must love him, because wow. only true love can conquer that visual.


when i was young my dad would play this corny joke with me where we’d go to town and run errands, and then as we walked back to the car he’d act like he couldn’t see the car.  with wide-eyed mock panic he’d exclaim: “koosh? neest!” which is iranian for “where is it!? it’s gone!”. and then he’d pretend to be concerned. and i’d go along with it EVERY time even though i knew the car was sitting parked exactly where we’d left it.

i’m probably gonna play lame jokes like these with my future kids. i should apologize to them in advance.


just got a roll of film from my vivitar panoramic processed. here’s one of my favorite shots. literally, a hole in the wall.

more here.

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2 comments on “recorded for prosterity”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    My dad would actually move the car while my mom was in the store. She’d step out with a look of panic, but it was really because the car was actually gone. She’d laugh about it later, but it always got her fired up. :^)

  2. Angel Says:

    I LOVE that photo you took!

    My step dad used to pretend the car was running out of gas while we were driving. He would tap the gass pedal so that the car would jerk a bit and then he’d let it start to slow down. In a panic he’d say, “oh no! I forgot to get gas!” – I fell for it once and then each time after that I would roll my eyes at him when he’d try it again.

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