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Mar 11

rest. stop.

why is it that rest stops are never where i want to rest? i mean, i understand the need for these facilities….but i want to stop at places that beg to be photographed, not some flat ground with a concrete restroom and a decrepit picnic table. usually the places i want to stop are not designated rest areas which means i have to weigh up the chances of being run over by a 16-wheeler in order to take a photo of a brilliant yellow mustard field. or electrocuting myself as i climb a fence just so i can stand on one particular horizon line where grass meets sky. yes, the risks are high. but somehow, i’m not possessed with that rational mind that just drives by and thinks ‘hey there nice tree’. i see the tree and i want to take a photo of it. and if that means doing something that kids should not try at home, well, that’s the price you pay for an awesome photo of an awesome tree.

in other news, if i didn’t have my cassette tape iPhone case, i would most certainly invest in this one:

polaroid iphone decal spied here.


in totally unrelated news, there are days where i really miss my dog henry. it’s kind of eerie but he looked a LOT like this dog model on etsy:

when we one day move to a dog friendly zone, we’re getting one. or a baby. see? i’m flexible.

disclaimer: in order to ward off any angry comments with exclamation points and words capitalized for extra-punchy effect…i am just kidding. i know that having a baby is nothing close to the amount of hard work/responsibility/joy/satisfaction of having a dog. and babies have dimpled hands. so that’s gets them at least one quadrillion more bonus points than any dog. #babiesFTW #butistillwantadog


in closing, shabs just reminded me that last time we stayed with her we were all getting ready to go to an important meeting and devon, wanting to look ‘neat and tidy’, was looking for a comb. unable to find one, he resorted to using a SALAD FORK. shabs tells me she’s never been able to look at the fork the same way again. this is both gross and disturbing. but also hilarious and just shows how resourceful my beau is. #loveobviouslyforgivesgrossness


OH by the way, thank you to everyone for their recommendations of things to do in portland. one of my favorite suggestions came via email from yennifer (hi!). here’s an extract:

“My all time favorite – standing on the Hawthorne bridge! Especially on the right side (if you’re coming from downtown). It’s just the perfect place for me. The rush of bikers, the stillness of the water, the bridges in view, the breeze of the city, the sound of the cars (so close yet so distant), the buildings you can see. When i’m standing there, I FEEL Portland.”

holgaroid of hawthorne bridge found here. i’m ready!

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