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Jan 11

scaredy cat.

quick list of all the things that currently cause me concern

+ driving in la
+ all the dishwashing soap residue left on our dishware that we eat off
+ the smog i inhale on a daily basis
+ spiders
+ the flouride levels of our water
+ whether buying faux fur encourages more real fur fashion and whether this hurts fur covered creatures in the long run
+ that i don’t have the attention span for a 90 minute yoga class. i just want 60 minutes.
+ the fact that most of the above concerns, are such first world problems and i should just be grateful to have water. and faux fur options. and yoga classes. and a dishwasher.


i haven’t unpacked from our last trip to arizona-nashville-sanfran. i’m just using the suitcase as a ‘drawer’ on the floor. my laziness knows no bounds.


so, a little ahead of schedule it seems, spring is already happening in LA. we’ve had days of sunshine and as much as i appreciate the romance of blustery ice-cold winds and snow blanketing a landscape, i have to say, i’m pretty smitten with LA’s wimpy excuse for winter.


i will always have a thing for paper collages. this example spied here.

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1 comment on “scaredy cat.”

  1. Tara Says:

    “that i don’t have the attention span for a 90 minute yoga class. i just want 60 minutes.”

    word! I was just thinking about that last week. also, you will be pleased to know that your laziness in unpacking your suitcase is accompanied by mine. my suitcase from christmas break is still on the floor, slowly emptying itself as my laundry hamper gets fuller and fuller.

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