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May 11

scott stulberg

today i was spellbound by scott stulberg’s photography. getting a glimpse through his lens at all the amazing places on earth he’s traveled to, i wanted to pack a bag and hop on a plane with dev to some faraway land. away from our desks and this apartment that on these hot LA days feels like we’re inside a pre-heated oven. away from our overbearing landlord who today told devon that he was ‘heavy-footed’ and needs to make less noise when he walks and is making us sign a waiver in order to have a few friends over tomorrow night. ugh.

all above images are credited to scott stulberg.

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2 comments on “scott stulberg”

  1. allyn Says:

    really beautiful. it’s wonderful to be transported to far away visions from the screen. great pick in photographer.

  2. leila Says:

    yeah, yeah, the photography is beautiful, but you really need to send a detailed profile of your landlord to the writers of 30 Rock. And—this is only if you can actually go back in time—Kafka.

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