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Oct 11

seeing beauty in the ordinary.

it’s a pretty awesome thing when the things you do ‘just for fun’ align with your ‘work’. this week’s episode of soulpancake is one of those situations. from a young age i feel like i’ve ‘noticed’ things that i feel like most people would overlook. maybe i’m just easily distracted, but i find that when you go a bit slower and really look at your surroundings, there are curiosities everywhere. leaves shaped like hearts, and cracks in the sidewalk the shape of japan, and doors with paint chipping off to reveal the layers of brightly colored paint beneath. i guess a lot of the stuff i’m enamored with isn’t that exciting to most people, but to me, there’s a certain artistry in it all. cloud formations streaking blue skies, the interplay of shadows, and puddles that reflect the trees. i mean, i know this may sound trite, but there really is beauty everywhere, you just have to look for it.

so that was the premis of this week’s episode. pardis and i had a blast foraging for 40 frames from the various thrift stores around LA, and then pardis took on the giant task of painting them all gold. but not just any gold. i had a very specific gold in mind. which reminds me, if anyone is interested in helping me hang 40 empty gold frames on a giant wall in our new house. let me know :)

SoulPancake: Framed

SoulPancakeĀ takes to the streets with a wall full of frames and asks passersby to look for something beautiful in their surroundings and “frame” it.

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7 comments on “seeing beauty in the ordinary.”

  1. Mirielle Says:

    Awesome! You are Awesome!

  2. pascale Says:

    This is so wicked Gol, and i absolutely LOVE seeing you two on TV! Maybe little nori will also feature one day soon? Much love xxx

  3. Katie Says:

    Love this! There was the gorgeous barn on the side of this street I used to drive on to get to and from school every day. I NEVER noticed this bright red barn until a friend pointed it out to me years later. This became a joke between the two of us, “BARN” we’d shout at exciting moments. Something to remind us to see the beauty in the every day. Now I have that barn as a tattoo on my upper back and try to live life with this worldview (so hard sometimes). This video is the greatest!

  4. bahiehk Says:

    loved it!!

    can you please please put these on youtube to?

    The quality is so much better there for me…


  5. Elli Says:

    Awesome once again, your video made me feel happy! I think this is a good reminder for us all to pay more attention to the little beautiful things around us!

  6. Nina Says:

    Nice one!
    That old guy is so sweet. I love him.

  7. Kimia Kline Says:

    this ranks as alltimefavorite.

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