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Oct 10

severe case of the ‘i wants’ happening at cozyhunter today.

i want:

1. this amazing hat. i’ll wear it everyday. every night. i’ll tuck it into my vespa helmet when we go for rides. i’ll hug it to sleep.

is that too much to ask? it’s not like i’m asking for alexa’s amazing cheekbones or anything…

2. this wallet unfriendly yet very eye friendly bag. i like the layers. i like the mix of fabric and leather. i like that it looks like it would be comfortable.

3. this cozy drapey wrappy warm camely deliciousness. not sure where it’s from. but i want it. with a severe wanting. in fact, i’ll take her whole outfit.

i blame all my wanting on this newfound delightful blog.

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3 comments on “severe case of the ‘i wants’ happening at cozyhunter today.”

  1. Jessi Lou Says:

    I like the way you think! That fair isle sweater is amazing!! Same with Alexa’s hat.

  2. Q Says:

    that’s alexa cheung. aka my future-wife. i’ll ask her if you can borrow her hat.

  3. ContrerasAurelia33 Says:

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