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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jun 12

show and tell.

i find myself having less and less time to sit and just write. for this blog. or for myself. emails sit in my inbox unresponded to, which drives the OCD vein in me crazy. also, ‘unresponded’ isn’t a word but i can’t think of the word to use that is the right word for this? is there even a word?

so in lieu of lots of words, here are a few snapshots that sum up some of the highlights from the past few days. it’s all good stuff – since i haven’t taken a photo of our broken garden sprinkler, the huge load of laundry that i’m ignoring, and phoenix in his car seat. let me pause for a minute and talk about this last situation because it’s a situation that is giving me some anxiety and i’ve scoured the depths of the internet for answers to no avail (i have, however, learned how to take stains out of microfiber – so the internet redeemed itself once again). the problem is phoenix HATES being in the car. hates in all caps doesn’t give the word the weight it deserves. underline it and circle it in neon highlighter. and then etch it into your arm with a dull blade. yeah, that is how serious his loathing is. as soon as we put him in his car seat he becomes the valedictorian of screaming. if you happened to roll up next to our car at a stop light you might actually think he’s being tortured. he scrunches his eyes tightly, balls his hands into little fists of rage and just yells with full face screamy screams. the only trick we’ve found is dev sitting in the backseat playing songs on his ukulele. this distracts him for trips less than 5 minutes (it also distracts the people in cars passing us). but if the trip is too long, or he is too hot, or the air just happens to be touching him from the wrong direction, then little phix lets out the most heart-wrenching, ear hurting screams that i’ve ever heard. needless to say, if we need to drive anywhere with him there had better be a really.good.reason.


lovely ash is helping us take care of phix while i’m at the office and you know what’s more fun than taking photos of my boy? taking photos of my boy with his fashionista nanny. she has totally inspired me to ditch my maternity leggings.

dev had his first father’s day!

so we recreated a photo of devon’s dad and him when he was a baby. it’s crazy that 30 years have passed between these two photos.

our drooly little boy found his toes. these have usurped his hands in terms of the focus of his intense fascination.

phoenix is now big enough for his high chair and he seems to like sitting at the ‘big kids’ table.

yesterday we woke up to the exciting news that Super Soul Sunday won an emmy! this is really exciting for SoulPancake and we are pumped about our future with the network. :)

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5 comments on “show and tell.”

  1. Sutton Says:

    Have you tried playing Raffi in the car, specifically Baby Beluga? It’s very calming and a super fun kids album that is great to sing along to. What about putting a mirror on the headrest, so he can see himself while your driving? It can also work as a way for you to see him in your mirror.

    I hope it gets better! He is just adorable!

  2. Ashley Says:

    i should have gotten a photo with you and Phix in your sweet dress + jewels today… tomorrow its on!

  3. Shereen Says:

    I’ll share my carseat tips…Abraham also hated it for a while, but eventually he became totally chill about it and now he’s a champion traveler. So there’s hope! What we did was 1) have a mirror on the headrest, 2) play music/sing songs/tell stories, 3) have a special box of toys that were only for the car so they were new and fresh and pass him those one at a time. Each lasted maybe a minute before he tossed them aside…

    The carseat situation also drove me to offer a pacifier, but he didn’t take it, so oh well. And once he was eating food, we’d have snacks in the car too…another habit I’m not to proud of. Ha!

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Daisy-Ann used to scream as soon as the car stopped or sat at traffic lights so we hung a big fluffy colourful baby book directly opposite her to stare at.. Now during long distances I sometimes have to sit in the back and hand a toy to her one by one as above mentioned. He’ll grow out of it soon, DA has and she’s 6 months now.. (as long as she’s fed) I know the anxiety you feel, and all I can say is: you’re not the only one stressing out about it! Good luck!

  5. prema Says:

    We recently joined this new adventure as caretakers of a pure sweet soul too – just a coupla months after you I think. Ian is 8 weeks now, and like Phix, he despises his carseat – which, again like you, drives me to despair (which unfortunately isn’t a geographical location that is not home).

    You’ve got so many helpful suggestions above, so feel free to ignore the rest of this comment (unsolicited advice) if you wish!
    This combination of things have started to work for Ian:

    1. Cool Seat Liner (http://www.amazon.com/Meeno-Baby-Liner-Infant-Bucket/dp/B004RVIPR8/)

    2. Mirror in back seat (http://www.amazon.com/Diono-Easy-View-Mirror-Black/dp/B005PK1EQ4)

    3. Pacifier (http://www.amazon.com/Hawaii-Medial-Gumdrop-Pacifier-Newborn/dp/B0032XZVCE/) – designed for nursing babies but our babe doesn’t like it much.. helps only when anyone sitting with him cajoles him to suck on it.

    4. Cloud b white noise toys (http://www.amazon.com/Cloud-Gentle-Giraffe-Machine-Soothing/dp/B002CN5E22/) (but even better is a white noise app on your phone that also has sounds of dishwasher/fans/etc) I use one called Relax n Sleep for Android phones. Plug that in to car audio, turn it up and he’s quiet in 30 seconds, even from the most painful hiccupy wails.

    5. Frequent feed/burp stops during trip

    You have a sweet sweet boy, and he has such sweet sweet parents! Thank you for sharing your experiences, it’s reassuring in particular to know that the struggles I am experiencing are similar to many other mothers too!

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