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Oct 11

six awesome things for your friday.

1. a suspended maze made entirely out of packing tape.

2. matt moore’s murals

3. randy p. martin’s ridiculously awesome photostream

4. this series of portraits by guy coombs.

(side note: dear nori, apologies in advance for dressing you in clothes that match wallpapers, but i’m pretty attached to recreating this shoot once a month until you turn 1. or 100.)

5. remember that time we got evicted from our storage unit? here’s why.

6. i’m a sucker for children in hand made costumes which is why i am smitten with this series.

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1 comment on “six awesome things for your friday.”

  1. Pamela Says:

    cooooool. you’re on oprah. that’s huge. i don’t even know you guys but i feel mega excited for you :)x

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