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Sep 11

reasons why i’ve been mia. a list:

1. producing the next batch of soulpancake episodes that will be airing oh so soon on a national network (that i cannot yet openly speak about because of contractual obligations), but which is all very exciting and means that devon’s notorious yellow headband and my wonky accent will be invading homes across america in just a few weeks.

2. not sleeping enough. even my cuticles are clamoring for sleep. i’m not joking – they’ve fallen apart. i used to have nice hands. hands of a woman who mostly sits at her computer and reads far too many mommy blogs. but now after two weeks of hauling, lifting, moving, stop-motion-animating, my hands have been torn to shreds.

3. missing my family.

4. feeling like what i do for a living is a bit surreal. yesterday i sat for 3 hours with legos and built a faux city and a crosswalk and animated little lego pedestrians as they scurried about. all of that work will result in about 3 seconds of screen time. the other day i was marching around a park with a leather jacket, and a bow and arrow as tall as i am while waiting to shoot through a 6 foot balloon. the day before i was encouraging strangers to give thank you speech via a five foot microphone in hollywood.

5. missing faraway friends. getting their emails from nashville, paris, london, melbourne, new zealand and wishing i could teleport myself to their sides for a day.

6. trying to find a new abode. we have only nine days to leave our apartment. thanks to number 7 on this list.

7. dealing with our crazy landlord. today he yelled about 1 inch from my face about how i was breaking the law by “making movies at home”. which would be awesome if it was true…but alas, we’re not that exciting. the other day he told me that our “walking” was wearing down the floorboards. i’m guessing we’re not going to get much of our security deposit back.

8. autumn/fall in LA is making me angry. it’s too warm. where is the cool wind? where are the heavy downpours? the changing leaves? how am i supposed to LAYER when it’s 80 degrees outside?

9. i’ve just realized that number 8 isn’t really a reason i’ve been mia. it’s just a vent.

10. this list is deteriorating in it’s thematic structure rather quickly.

11. the good news is production is over, and now the post-production process begins which is much less about getting up at 5am and being onĀ locationĀ all day and more about working with editors, color correctors, sound mixers etc. to make our episodes as awesome as we’re all hoping they will be.

12. finally, street art in LA continues to charm me:


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4 comments on “reasons why i’ve been mia. a list:”

  1. jess Says:

    #8..fall in L.A made me angry too, although i didnt know it until i moved north last year, i saw the leaves change as the seasons changed for the first time in my life! so wonderful…stay are doing great things :)

  2. Gracia Says:

    Where I live in Spain it’s starting to be a little tiny bit chilly in the mornings (65F) but then it climbs to 90 during the day, so yeah, I’m not feeling the fall either.

    It’d be so cool if you were making a movie at home about somebody whose landlord locked inside the apartment for making movies at home and is now trying to wear the floorboards down to make a hole and have an escape route.

  3. Guisou Says:

    I can relate entirely to the craziness known as life. If/when you do have free time, & since you are a fan of street art, I would be honored to show you all the different types of street art hidden around los angeles.

  4. Jade Says:

    You are so inspiring. Can’t wait to see what you, Dev and the SoulPancake team have in store! Good luck with finding a place! =]

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