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Feb 11

brown paper packages tied up with string.

this week i received not one but THREE parcels in the mail. it was like one big present party. and if you know me, you know that getting surprise parcels (or ‘prizes’ as i refer to them) in the mail brings out my inner six year old on steriods. there was lots of wide-eyed exclaiming and prancing and dancing and overall merriment.

forgive me for only taking photos on my eyefone. the first parcel was from new zealand sent from my friend pascale. i’ve known pascale since i was about 12 – i think we first met at a baha’i summer school in the south island and i *might* have had a two-week crush on her brother in my pre-teen days ;).

in recent years, i’ve been so excited to reconnect with pascale. she is one of the fearless troupe that make up the soulpancake brainlab and i love the way her mind works. she is adventurous, my height (yay!) and effortlessly creative. she also has a blog.

pascale sent dev and i some new zealand honey. but not just any new zealand honey…look at these flavors. mmm.

we’ve been portioning out servings on toast with melted butter and sometimes eating it straight of the jar with a spoon. i like to call that efficient.

thank you so much pascali!

the next package was an envelope containing our favorite coffee. my mum sends us these once a month or so and it is our favorite way to start the day. no other coffee compares – we even take it in ziplock bags with us when we’re travelling. the amazing thing is that this package even made its way to our mailbox since my mum forgot to put a stamp on it. but there you have it, australian post, doing the nice thing and sending the package anyway. just that one little act of good faith makes me want to high-five the entire continent of australasia.

and then today i received such a sweet gift from my dear friend leili. it is quite simply one the loveliest necklaces i’ve ever seen or held in my hands.

the cheerful yellow and powder blue beads are perfect compliments to each other and the they feel amazing- like little velvety gems. i’m entirely smitten with this necklace, as i am, all things leili towfigh hand-created.

i strongly suggest that you visit leili’s etsy store to admire more of her beautiful creations.

i’m so very grateful. and not just for these thoughtful gifts, but because i truly feel blessed with my friendships. i know so many wonderful, creative, brilliant people who live their lives with such grace and deliberate purpose. this week was a reminder of that. and how precious those relationships are.

happy thursday folks!

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  1. Courtney Says:


    I have been an avid reader of your blog ever since I found your wedding video on Etsy!

    I work in advertising in New Zealand and I can’t tell you how many time your blog has been the source for my inspiration :)

    Anyway – I saw a video today that you may like and wanted to share :) Basically this guy releases hundreds of balloons with messages on them to the people of Barcelona.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Courtney H

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