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May 10

stuff. and the having of it.

find of the day was beijing photographer Huang Qingjun & Ma Hongjie’s exhibition titled ‘family stuff’. which makes sense, since they are a series photographs of families. with their stuff.

looking at these photos i am in awe of the simplicity.

in less than 2 weeks dev & i will be packing up our stuff and moving across country to LA. we are taking whatever we can fit in our car + a small trailer that will hold our vespa, 2 beach cruisers, and a few boxes.

i want to put everything we own on the lawn and take one of these pictures.

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2 comments on “stuff. and the having of it.”

  1. Q Says:

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  2. AShleigh Says:

    Fab. We took a photo of our stuff packed into one U-haul when we moved from Nashville to Chicago. It’s so strange and cool to see your life that that.

    What’s happening in LA? That’s next on our place to move list…Hopefully sooner than later!

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