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May 11

stupidity does not become you.

so, as an update to the planking post i feel it is important to mention that JUST because you are conforming your body into the shape/contour of a plank, it doesn’t actually turn you into a plank. you are still a fragile, beautiful, unique, snowflake. if you hit the ground from a great height, you will break bones and maybe worse, die.

in case you need a visual tutorial, planks like this one below = you might die:

sidenote: planks involving unharmed animals bring me immense joy:

and this is one of my favorites for sure:


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8 comments on “stupidity does not become you.”

  1. Angel Says:

    I’m still not sure about this “planking” craze. I was only aware of it a couple of weeks ago. You know you’re getting old when a younger friend is describing some new fad and your first thought is, “those crazy kids… “

  2. julie Says:

    the dangerous planker isn’t even planking very well. double fail.

  3. Lua Says:

    Ahaha! A whole post on planking! Hayy

    I like this one: Senior plank (

  4. Ashley Says:

    beware scientology planking, i hear their lawyers dont have a good sense of humor

  5. Ashley Says:

    beware Scientology planking. i hear their lawyers don’t have a good sense of humor

  6. j9 Says:

    I had no idea this was such a craze until I saw another blog about it.

  7. Natalie Says:

    Whaaa?? I love this new fad. Those camels look confused…

  8. molly Says:

    oh, i love when stupidity is also fun.
    the guy in the plane, the girl on the pony, count me in!

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