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Apr 10

ten in ten.

1. i’m married to the most incredible, creative, generous man i know. devon hugh gundry = best. decision. i’ve. ever. made.

2. our wedding was everything thing that i dreamed of. and then a whole lot more. beforehand, we would jokingly describe our shared vision for the look and feel of the room being akin to anthropologie on steroids. vision = achieved.

3. i force dev to sing ‘my song’ constantly. i will never forget this moment of surprise during the ceremony. kudos to waterproof mascara.

4. between my family, dev’s family, and our friends, there is a serious lovefest happening in this house.

5. our friends are amazing. from transporting my shoes all the way from the UK, to creating a gigantic paper chandelier, to carrying 12 retro tv’s up 3 flights of stairs, to singing with us… we could not have pulled off our elaborate hi-jinx without their help.

6. ry lash is sitting in our basement right now examining the over 7000 (no exaggeration) photos he took of our wedding. i know you’re itching to see them. and you should be. his lens makes real life even better.

7. my mum is an angel. from the moment she landed in nashville i had her staying up till 5am to untangle fabric flower garlands, stitching together programs with fragile gold thread, sewing 200 cd cases for our favors with vintage fabrics, making adorable hand-stitched bird wedding cake toppers, baking a mountain of baklava, oh…and creating my incredible dress.

8. i’m so glad i bought 20 packets of polariod film before it became extinct. they will soon be scanned and shown off to the world.

9. our friends take costume parties very seriously. that’s why they are our friends.

10. i’m the happiest.

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2 comments on “ten in ten.”

  1. Q Says:

    very much LOVE!

  2. roya Says:

    Hi Golriz!

    i’ve been a follower of ur blog because i luv how u post the most awesome random websites that u find! even though we have never crossed paths,ur marriage just made me reeaaally happy 4 the both of u…! from what i read here, u guys seem to be made for each other..together 4EVA! :D

    congrats..! hope u guys have a blessed life together serving the Faith the best u know how, and having a blast while at it!

    luv,roya (:

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