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Jan 11

ten things.

1. i used to wish i was taller. so much so that i begged my parents to put me on growth hormones. i would come home from drama classes all folorn that i’d never be taken seriously since i was so small. now i’m pretty content with my five feet 2 inch frame.

2. it’s amazing that someone who was such an intrinsic part of my world is now just a memory or at least a series of memories. but it has happened. and it’s a relief.

3. raw honey + whole milk yogurt + almonds = my kind of snack.

4. i’m listening to dev hum as he creates the musical score for the SoulPancake webisodes. he is so dedicated and talented. i’m inspired by the one i’m with on a daily basis.

5. sometimes i stand in front of stacks of neatly arranged fruit and vegetables at the supermarket and am in awe of the vibrant colors and order of it all.

6. i am already excited for the children that we don’t yet have.

7. i miss going to the library and coming out with an armful of books that i couldn’t wait to dive into.

8. sometimes i’m overwhelmed by how fragile life is.

9. i can’t help but touch velvet when i see it. sorry to the strangers in velvet attire.

10. more than ever i’m realizing it’s the moments that matter. i get caught up in the race all too often and i’ve been trying to remember to pause and take it in.

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1 comment on “ten things.”

  1. mucica Says:

    the second thing made me love your blog even more.
    I have someone in the memory department too.
    founding your blog and for couple of hours going for previews posts………..
    what a joy.
    thank you
    hugs from Marijana

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