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// she's only happy in the sun.
Sep 11

ten things on a tuesday.

1. to all the people who left comments yesterday, thank you. no matter how much our brains ‘know’ something on a logical level, the heart (or at least mine) works differently. and hearing your advice and hilarity made me feel so much better.

2. we’re in the midst of a habitat hunting dilemma. also known as: i don’t want to make adult decisions anymore. also known as: i’m scarred by crazy landlords. also known as: feeling the pressure of having 3 days to find a new roof over our heads.

3. when we were kids and my organic-whole-foods-only-the-house dad was out of town my mum would get us fish ‘n chips after school. i am very excited to have little rituals with my kids that are just our little ‘secret’.

4. i bought a jar of pickles and i’ve resorted to wearing leggings as pants. basically, i’m a walking cliche of pregnancy.

5. in an ideal world, ashley ludwin would tell people what to wear, and their lives would be infinitely better. she’s a style forecaster like no other.

6. if your children are well-behaved and have manners and you’ve instilled all of this using love, not fear or force, then you are one of my heroes. it’s as simple as that.

7. ever since our friend mar wrote us a very authoritative letter to give to our landlord, he’s left us alone. i think he’s actually gone into hiding. this is why everyone needs at least one bad-ass lawyer friend.

8. when we shop at trader joes dev devours an ENTIRE packet of beef jerky before we get to the check out. it’s become such a ritual that the check out folks expect him to hand over an empty packet to scan. so it’s only fair that my favorite threat these days is that i’m going to raise our children as vegetarians.

9. i have an itch to travel to new york and nashville. i’m thinking december. because let’s be honest, there is something pretty loveable about fireplaces, mittens and snow. especially when you can get your fill and then come back to warm california.

10. a friend emailed me this lovely gibran poem about friendship. this extract really resonated with me:

And let there be no purpose in friendship
save the deepening of the spirit.
For love that seeks aught but the disclosure
of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth:
and only the unprofitable is caught.

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13 comments on “ten things on a tuesday.”

  1. Elli Says:

    Loving that adorable baby bump! And to me you don’t look like a walking cliche of pregnancy at all!

  2. gingermandy Says:

    congratulations on the pregnancy, you look ADORBS.

    fish ‘n chips was my favorite meal as a kid (and it still is now) so you should totally keep that tradition going :) dev can have a beef jerky shopping trip tradition with them.

  3. q Says:

    but seriously… dude, there’s like this massive bump on your belly.

  4. Pamela Says:

    whaaaaaaat!!! how far along are you?! that bump is for real!

  5. Elene Says:

    Golriz, your bubba bump is beautiful! Am wrapping my arms around you all the way from NZ and sending all my love. Come visit us soon, your bubba will need a kiwi passport :)

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    the bump kills me. just gorgeous. show em how it’s done. <3

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Well, *this* is what happens when I stay off the internet for a few days – I come back to find wonderful baby-filled news! I’m so excited for you guys. There is nothing more beautiful than two wonderful people making new little wonderful people when that is what they both long to do.

  8. limonana Says:

    GOLRIZ!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! What an adorable yummy mummy you are already! :D

  9. layli Says:

    you are too cute, your happiness and joy is infectious! i am so excited for you and devon, my dear. all love to you!! so exciting!!!

  10. Patty Says:


  11. roxanne Says:

    loving the bump. and especially loving points #6 and #9.
    sooooo insanely happy for you guys, and also happy for that child in advance. that little muffin is one lucky babe.
    and i’m just realizing now, your child is going to be from LA ;)

  12. Julia Says:

    Congratulations Golriz. That’s wonderful news. x

  13. noosh. Says:

    you are looking stunning! motherhood suits you so well :) lucky little baby growing inside of there feeling the joy.

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