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Jun 12

the flip side of security camera footage.

my lovely friend kat recently sent me this link to a fantastic ad by coke – a collection of sweet moments caught on security cameras. and before you launch into a mental diatribe about the perils of corporate america (i get it – i wish it wasn’t a coke ad either), i still think the idea itself is fantastic. taking something that people usually associate with negativity and showing the positive side.

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2 comments on “the flip side of security camera footage.”

  1. mucicamala Says:

    Made me warm around hearth.

    p.s.i just want you to know….there are so many of us…reading and watching your blog.
    comments are sometimes even unnecessary.
    Enjoy every day.
    Big hug from Croatia

  2. Cait Says:

    This is just….good.

    Even if it’s corporate, it’s still a positive message. Love this.

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