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Aug 10

the post i should be too embarrased to post. but obviously, i don’t have enough filters.

about one decade ago, ricky martin was starting his Livin’ la Vida Loca world tour. he was all over the TV, and the radio was blasting his songs nonstop. it was around this time i turned to my mum one day, and matter-of-factly announced that i planned on marrying ricky martin. i don’t know whether it was his hip shaking or dreamy eyes, because let’s be honest, it wasn’t his thought-provoking lyrics, but i didn’t care. he was gorgeous, his smile was infectious, and thus, he was the ONE. (just blame the late nineties. or my sheltered musical exposure growing up in timaru, new zealand.)

anyway, fast forward 10 years and i’m sitting in a gorgeous studio while dev and kelly mix tracks and finish devon’s album. we’ve lit candles to make it ‘vibey’ and these two creative cats are pouring over the tiniest details because there is no room for ‘good enough’ when you are a musical genius with OCD.

anyway, this is where things get WILD. are you ready for it?

this studio i’m sitting in is the SAME studio where ricky martin wrote and produced the breakthrough albums which thrust him to stardom in the US and the rest of the world. the room i’m sitting in is where ricky tracked his vocals. he shook his hips right HERE. he might have even worn these velvety soft headphones.

so even though i didn’t become mrs. ricky martin (and as we know now, there will probably never be a mrs. ricky martin), i feel like i am very close to my teen crush right now. and so in honor of this moment, i’m gonna blast me some Maria.

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4 comments on “the post i should be too embarrased to post. but obviously, i don’t have enough filters.”

  1. Nina Says:

    I hate to break your fantasy babe, but Ricky was shaking his hips for the other team in that studio. He likes the fellas.
    Looking forward to hearing the album!! xxx

  2. golriz Says:

    yep. that’s what i meant when i said there will probably never be a mrs. martin ;)

    i miss you nina!

  3. AVIANA Says:

    love love love this post…and loved MARIA!….brought back memories…who didn’t want to marry RICKI?!?!……and my honest opinion he has the best world cup song…sorry Shakira lovers…Ricki wins!… i’m singing it now…thanks!. :)

  4. Q Says:

    just a general ‘bahahahahahahah’

    big love

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