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Apr 11

the sulk.

firstly, i should admit i don’t know really who ‘the sulk‘ is or why i started following him on twitter. i think i heard somewhere that he’s one of the writers for the family guy, but heck if i know. i have never even watched one full episode of the family guy. i know. i’m a paltry excuse for a human fed on a diet of inane pop culture. sorry.

anyway, his tweets are some of the only writing on the internets that actually makes me laugh. here’s a sample for you to read.

and maybe a large percentage of you will think hmm. he’s not that funny. gol’s standards need work. and you might be right. but nevertheless, without further ADO – here are ‘the sulk’ tweets – best of in april (and the months not even over yet!), as compiled by me.

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