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Dec 10

the things you do. to win a contest.

dooce recently held a contest to win a canon 7d. the contest required that you create a photobook about whatever you wanted. most people created albums of their adorable babies or pets.

enter me and dev. the thing is, we want a canon 7d with a desperate wanting (well we actually want a canon 5d, but we’ll settle for the 7d). even though we only had 2 hours to get our entry in before the deadline we decided to give it a shot. those 2 hours were frantic and helter skelter but we got our entry in ONE MINUTE before the deadline and even though we didn’t win, we had such a blast creating our montage.

here are a few of the photos.

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2 comments on “the things you do. to win a contest.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    “Palm Readings”

    …i just fell out of my chair.


  2. julie Says:

    how did you not win?! this is amazing.

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