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Nov 10

thoroughly zausted.

lately i’ve been so tired that i don’t have the energy to speak coherently/correctly and as a result ‘zausted’ was born. which is a shortened version of exhausted but also conveys the point that i’m too lazy/tired/non-committal to put the effort into moving my mouth and making the ‘eh’ sound.

hmm. i guess this is the kind of riveting stuff that gets blogged when you’re running on too little sleep, too much caffeine, and not enough fresh air.

so let’s see. where was i? oh yeah, being riveting.

today began with an early morning (ok, so it was 9am. but that’s still before 10. which means it’s early) vespa ride to ash & melody’s to watch our friends rainn wilson and andy grammer on rachael ray. is that what you call name dropping? well consider NAMES DROPPED. i’m so proud of them both, but especially andy! it was his first national TV debut and his performance was flawless.

the rest of the day was packed with all kinds of action and then a super exciting call from our publisher to say that our book had made it to the new york times bestseller list. woot woot! (that’s me whistling. which i actually can’t do in ‘real’ life.)

so. that’s amazing. and we’re all in awe and really excited about it. i think of making this particular list as a sort of ‘tattoo’ since it’s this label that sticks and that you can brandish about, even if you only make it on there one time. it’s kinda funny like that.

OH. news just in: the incredible lindsey freitas from bella lu photography did an incredible job of capturing our most recent SoulPancake book launch party! here is just a little sampling of the zillions of shots she took. they are all on facebook here & here. so if you came and conquered, go forth and tag yourselves.

it’s bedtime.

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