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May 12

thursday round up.

1. our little trip to tennessee was lovely. dev got to be there for his younger brother’s graduation, and i got to squeeze some of my favorite people in the world. i will always have a soft spot in my heart for tennessee – it is the place where my heart was broken, mended, and given a second chance. the second we stepped off the plane we were greeted with the smell of BBQ wafting through the terminal and a band playing live country music. welcome to nashville YA’LL. phix was a total gem on the plane both there and back. as we approached our seats i could tell our seat neighbors were torn between thinking ‘oh no, screamy baby alert’ (!) and ‘well, at least he’s a cute one’. but he was SUCH a good baby. he slept the entire time, except for thirty minutes where he woke up to bat his eyelashes, smile at his grandma’s and cause the flight attendant’s ovaries to explode.

2. i have always loved the idea of taking children’s art and turning it into another sort of tangible form – like paintings, or photos. so when ashley sent me this link to a studio that creates toys modeled precisely from kid’s drawings, i was instantly a fan.

3. if you watch the soulpancake shorts on the oprah winfrey network, you already know that i’m a sucker for street stunts that leave you smiling. this is a good one :)

4. today we had an in-person meeting with oprah(!) about the future of soulpancake. and i can sum it up by saying that the future of soulpancake is so very bright and beautiful! the whole 1.5 hr meeting i tried really hard to be composed and coherent. but inside i was a messy jumble of nerves and excitement because well, it’s OPRAH. and i am sitting directly across from her and she is speaking to me and holding eye contact. it’s days like today when all the hard-work, and sacrifices, and striving for excellence, and all-nighters, and literal tears, all finally pay off. because there we are having a conversation with the queen of television about what a full length SoulPancake show could look like. and she is telling our team that what we do, is exactly why she created her network – to give people another way to explore the facets of our human, yet spiritual, experience in life. #whoa #whoa #whoa

5. meanwhile, i’m insanely smitten with a certain baby bear:

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4 comments on “thursday round up.”

  1. anna Says:

    my sister in law is an artist in NYC– i just sent her a ton of my sons line art and she going to create some cool stuff out of them. I can’t wait to see…….my son started making these rad little ‘nests’, as he calls them, out of those colorful kids pipe cleaners. I am going to have to send you a photo. They are like little sculptures. Kid art is simply the best art.

    Congrats on Oprah! Really amazing!!

  2. Claire Says:

    congratulations!! that is huuuuuge! doesn’t get better than the big O! can’t wait to watch full length episodes! enough exclamation points for ya!?

  3. golriz Says:

    hahaha. i know, it’s hard not to get exclamation point happy!!! (!) ;)

  4. golriz Says:

    thanks anna! your sons ‘nests’ are so adorable. kids art is the best.

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