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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jul 11

tim burton is a genius. and other things you already knew.

one thing i love about this city, besides the abundance of frozen yogurt shops, is the los angeles county museum of art, or as it’s more often referred to: lacma. and of course, one of the things i love about lacma is the giant lightpost installation outside.

today we checked out lacma’s incredible tim burton exhibit and i was so.blown.away. it was incredible to see sketches tim had created as a child, and then as a teen, and then to watch his creative expertise unfold before your very eyes into its full fledged glory.

i mean, edward scissorhands. need i say more?

it’s so apparent that burton has an unbridled imagination that he’s managed to express so perfectly in his art. and it was so inspiring to see the fruits of really hard work, dedication and most of all his PASSION.

which leads me to a skype convo i just had with my 18 year old (how is that possible? she is still only 7 in my head) little sister.

i asked her what she was planning to do after highschool, because this is her final year, and she replied with a noncommittal: “i dunno”.

which i totally get. at her age i also had no idea what i wanted to be when i ‘grew up’. and so basically i just went to the university that most of my friends went to and majored in subjects i knew i’d do well in – film & english. and she’s in that exact same place – ambivalent and confused and unsure of how to figure it all out, and complacent to just settle for whatever the masses are doing.

i found myself wanting to (shake) tell her all the things i wished someone had once said to me, with the crux of it being answering these questions:

what do you love?

what are you excited to talk about?

what are you passionate about?

what do you do that makes you feel happy/energized? (the answers to this can range from the big: ‘helping others’, to the small: ‘running my fingers along the bark of tree trunks’.

because the truth is, that your work can be based around the things that you love. it can be an occupation that matters to you, and something that you don’t dread applying yourself to everyday. and sure, if that’s not a standard occupation it might take a little bit more work/experimenting to figure it out, but the reward is spending your life doing what feels true to who you are, rather than being a ‘fill-in-the-blank’,  just because the salary is safe.

so i gave her my best ‘you really need to figure out your blueprint’ speech, and then she disappeared, because i’m sure YouTube was far more entertaining than whatever i was saying.

and i know that a lot of people consider it unfair or a luxury that i get to do what i love every.single.day and i realize that sometimes we have to take on far-from-dream-jobs to make ends meet, but i hope that whatever you’re doing or striving for, it’s bringing you a deeper level of satisfaction and wholeness.

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1 comment on “tim burton is a genius. and other things you already knew.”

  1. YiLin Says:

    I wished somebody had told me these things too when I was about to go to college. It’d have saved so much time! But, would I have listened? My brother is also 18 and about to start university. I gave him the speech about “love what you do and do what you love” but he did what your sister did: he ignored it.
    I think that we can only understand things when we’re looking for them. He wasn’t ready for it, and I wasn’t ready when I was 18 either. Maybe somebody told us about it, but it was not the right moment.

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