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Jul 11

tokyo takeaways.

i’m beginning to conquer jet lag. by that i mean that i’ve stopped waking up at 3am and feeling like i could run a marathon, or at least manage the affairs of a small village. now i wake up at 6am and curse the lack of curtains in our room which means that the light floods in and there is no option other than¬† extreme awakeness.

yesterday i had decided to start editing my photographs from the trip and post them on my blog complete with elaborate tales about our adventure, and that’s when my beloved macbook pro decided to stomp all over my good intentions. i turned it on in the morning to find a gray screen with no signs of life. not even the iconic spinning wheel of nuisance or a cursor. dev did some investigating and thinks that the motherboard is fried. i don’t know what this means, but i do know it’s not good. especially because dev just discarded my laptop in three pieces on my desk and told me to use the ipad until we figure something out.

so this is what you get, two photos of tokyo. until i salvage the rest from the hard drive that is currently in a time out.

it’s impossible to describe tokyo without mentioning the order, precision, efficiency and the cleanliness of the city. everything is in its place. i was taking a walk on the morning that the neighborhood trash pick up was happening and i was mesmerized by all the neat bundles of ‘waste’. the streets were carefully lined with neat bundles of cardboard flattened and tied together with twine. all the bottles stacked in crates according to color and the plastics in their own module. i know this sounds crazy, but the trash on the streets looked like an anthropologie art installation. it was so neat, so tastefully presented and with such care and diligence. it made me think about the way we handle ‘other people’s jobs’ here.¬† i’ve never seen anyone go out of their way to make the garbage collectors job any easier and less taxing. so often, the pervading attitude is ‘that’s someone else’s job, not mine’.

and let’s take a moment to just admire the japanese. their sense of style is matchless. the way they handle themselves and their affairs is admirable. they display such grace and poise and dignity. everyone is treated with respect. i mean, people are bowing at you. all the time. and smiling and being gentle. i mean, i’m sure that japan has its fair share of irritable, impatient, discourteous people, but i didn’t meet any of them. the people i met were the epitome of hospitable.

tokyo also gets bonus points for:

being able to order meals using a vending machine!
a spotless and timely public transportation system.
bathrooms that make you feel like you’re being transported to the future, complete with a button you press so the toilet makes a flushing sound to give you privacy, and a seat warmer!
its fashionistas. i saw so many original outfits that so perfectly pieced together.

tokyo gets a few negative points for:

offering ‘cat hostesses’. yes, you can rent a private room with a cat. i don’t understand this. i don’t think i want to.
expensiveness. we could live for a week off what we spent in one day in tokyo. holy-i-can’t-afford-anything-batman.
low ceilings. this wasn’t a problem for me, but the guys had to keep ducking or slam their foreheads into doorways. i guess that’s slightly inconvenient.

we were only in the city for a measly 38 hours before our flight to bangkok, but in that short time we all fell for japan (well, collin fell for the japanese women, but that’s another blog post). we’ll be back, i’m sure of it.

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3 comments on “tokyo takeaways.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    laughed out loud at ‘cat hostesses’.

    i do have a question about the bathroom link – and the ‘stop button’. so, if i hit that will EVERYTHING stop? because i think that’s exactly what i may need.

  2. Leah Says:

    Aw no – hope your ‘puter gets well soon. Look forward to seeing your pics. You might enjoy thai inspired piece on my blog

  3. Ayelet Says:

    Totally feel you on the cleanliness-when I was there last year my boyfriend kept getting tea to go, forgetting that there are no trash cans on the street anywhere because the idea of having trash outside is apparently a totally foreign concept. I also loved how sophisticated everyone on the subways looked in Toyko; even the urban club kids looked amazing. Ugh, missing Japan now.

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