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Apr 11

traipsing & traversing.

so there is a part of me that would love to sit down and write up an elaborate recap of our wild adventures up north, but then there is the exhausted-haven’t-unpacked-yet part of me that is like ergh. screw it. i need sleep.

so these photos and incoherent captions will have to suffice.

first stop was sisters, oregon. and yes, you guessed it – these are plastic ponies. shabs gave them to dev because he once told her he wanted a pony. (as you do.) and of course, she found a way to get him not one, but two of them. i am enamored with these little foals so they have quickly become my go-to photography subject matter. here they are in their ‘natural’ habitat, which is a lot prettier than the time we stuck them into a stale berry muffin that had been sitting in our car for 2 days and then tried to balance them on dev’s head.

this is c-gu and d-gu in a field. they both patiently put up with my field photography antics. which first involved finding an adequate field. cort drove all over the town of sisters, through forests and winding roads leading to the middle of nowhere, while i snubbed my nose at all the flora and fauna insisting that i had seen a field someplace, and now desperately needed to find it. i assured them it was a very special field. and i described in great detail how the flaxen gold grass was thigh high and how it would bend and sway in the wind.

suffice to say, we found said field. and the grass wasn’t quite as high as i had remembered it. in fact it barely reached our ankles so the part about the bending and swaying in the wind was a lie. but it was still wonderful.

also wonderful was getting to spend time with c-gu and her family. the main reason for our visit to sisters was attending cort’s papa’s memorial and as dev and i sat in the auditorium listening to the stories of the countless people whose lives troy gusick had changed for the better, tears spilled down our cheeks and we both felt incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to learn more about this amazing, huge-hearted giant of a man.

our next stop was portland, oregon. based off a friend’s recommendation, we stayed at the mc menamins kennedy school which is a historic school converted into a unique hotel. the rooms even contain chalkboards where you can leave little messages to each other, or the person that cleans your room i guess. how charming is that?

the hotel has a large in-house movie theater complete with cozy couches, and a heated outdoor salt water soaking pool. it was so lovely to spend dusk sitting in the pool as the steam rose up and the rain drizzled down around us.

after a couple of days of adventuring in portland (which reminds me, dear people who left comments, all your recommendations were SO great!), we were then supposed to turn around and start heading back to LA, but we realized that seattle was only a measly 4 hour drive away and also home to one of our dearest friends – elizabeth. so plans were rearranged. calls were made, and the next thing we knew, we were driving north to seattle.

this is a photo of elizabeth (of evbeff notoriety). she’s beautiful. smart. and belly-laughs-guaranteed-hilarious. i already miss her.

elizabeth and devon have known each other since they were little kids, which means that if there’s anyone on the planet that understands the man i’ve married (besides his immediate family), it’s her. i don’t need to explain any of his idiosyncrasies. she has a knowing look that assures me that she gets it. completely. in the heyday of high school they even attended two proms together and dev loves reminding elizabeth about the time she left him in the bathroom throwing up while she danced the night away.

feeling empowered by our never-ending roadtrip shenanigans, all responsible adult behavior was discarded. instead of just settling for delicious seattle-really-does-do-it-best-coffee we also gorged ourselves on pastries loaded with sugar. and then we convinced elizabeth to call in sick to work the next day. which was awesome for a multitude of reasons, one being that in the morning she was ready at the helm with a blowdryer to try and tame devon’s locks.

we had the most amazing breakfast, conducted conference calls for SoulPancake from our ‘mobile’ office, exerted a lot of energy making friends out of strangers, and meandered around the public market oohing and ahhing at all the fresh produce and seafood. and then i tried to take the perfect picture of elizabeth & dev on a fantastic red seat in front of a green wall, but someone (who shall remain nameless because i don’t know the crazy lady’s name) had other plans for my photoshoot.

at some point during the day i told elizabeth i wanted an alleyway to take photos of. and boy, did she deliver. she lead us to a city alleyway where the walls are COVERED in bubble gum. it was actually really amazing. although, a bit disturbing. especially when you got close and could actually smell the gum.

after stretching out our getaway for as long as possible, we had to return south. on the way home we stopped in san francisco for a night and managed to squeeze in a delightful art show by hooper dunbar and a quick coffee at the flora grub gardens which i’d heard about from the lovely kimia.

whew. i’m now officially exhausted. and glad to be home in sunny LA, although if we’d had our passports with us, chances are high we’d be in canada right now.

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8 comments on “traipsing & traversing.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I really enjoyed this post.

    I’ve never been to Oregon or Washington and now after seeing some of their fantastic little hideaways I really want to go.


  2. Mallory Says:

    I want to venture (and traipse and traverse) all over the west coast so badly that I try not to think of it because I’ll just get myself worked up. Your trip looks amazing… amazing to the extreme. & that hotel sounds awesome.

  3. Tara Says:

    1. the photo of you and dev in the field is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e
    2. i would actually like to attend kennedy elementary school.
    3. pike’s place is high up on my list of favorite spots on this coast.
    4. um. hooper dunbar is an artist?! did i miss the memo on that one?

    (because i share your love of lists)

  4. viv @ the eclectic life Says:

    these photos are gorgeous. i love how you used the tilt shift in instagram (please feel free to correct me if it’s a different program). you have amazing hair and you guys look like way too much fun!

  5. golriz Says:

    ashley: you should definitely adventure to oregon and washington one day. maybe wait for summer ;)

    mallory: i forgot to mention that you can order food from the restaurant into the hotel movie theater and to the pool! #alwayseating

    tara: lists are the best. and yes! mr. dunbar is an incredible painter – he works in acrylics. he also takes gorgeous photographs.

    viv: hi! yep – two of the photos in this series were taken with instagram & tilt shift. i love my plastic film cameras but often it’s just too easy to use my iPhone :)

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    pictures of seattle:) thank you two xs a million for bringing out the sun. it doesn’t get any better than laughing with the people you love. i saved all the exclamation marks for yew. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. kimia Says:

    yay flora grubb!!

  8. Yasmin Says:

    This looks like so much fun!
    I’m DEFINITELY Going to visit my cousins ASAP, which I have put off for quite a long time.
    it just seems that the car ride to seattle from vancouver is too long (especially if it involves my crazy family and an unhappy 8-month old baby that I shall name brother dearest :) )
    You should have come! we a whole buncha cool places here that you would have loved for photoshoots and whatnot, plus it’s the 125 th anniversary of Vancouver so there’s a whole buncha fun stuff going on.
    Feel free to message me if you ever come here, so you can see the cool parts of vancouver without getting ripped off like all of the tourists do. :)

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