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Dec 10


i made my first etsy treasury. it turned out all sepia toned. not intentionally. and then i bought something from it :)

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2 comments on “treasured.”

  1. Angela Says:

    Hello Golriz! I am still very much enjoying Soul Pancake (turns out it’s NOT a read-cover-to-cover-in-one-sitting kind of book!… I’m loving thinking about each page!). I had to comment on your treasury. I just went to a white elephant party in which one of those vintage coffee warmers was exchanged. It was the highlight and discussion topic of the evening. It was both splendid and hilarious. Hope you get one! :)

  2. golriz Says:

    hi angela!

    thanks for your comment! i love white elephant parties…i would have been ELATED to get the vintage coffee pot!

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