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Feb 11

tuesday things.

we don’t have a cat, but if we did, we’d probably get it a teepee so it could be cozy.


my first thought when i saw this invention was that it’s too good to be true. as much as i love riding our vespa around sunny california, wearing a helmet can be a drag. especially if you’ve spent a long time getting your hair to cooperate into the perfect messy side-ponytail. i AM however a fan of SAFETY (not just saying this because my mum reads my blog), and so i always wear a helmet. however, check this out: a collar that turns into an airbag helmet upon impact. i have no idea how it works, but i’m wowed.


durable + sustainable + minimal: i like this bamboo bench a lot.


and finally, because we all love polaroids – here is a polaroid mirror. holy moly. #iwant.

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