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Aug 10

twitter me this.

i have a complicated relationship with air-conditioning. there are times when it’s a sweet relief to walk into an air-conditioned room and escape the stifling anger-inducing heat. but there are many other instances when the vent blasting arctic air at me is my #1 nemesis. moral of the story? LAYERS.

i feel the same way about twitter. there are days when i really enjoy it. something someone tweets makes me laugh, or begins a link-fest that leads me to something interesting / creative (i’m looking at you @ltowfigh).

however, there are other times when i feel like twitter is an overwhelming, vacuous vortex of meaningless information. or maybe that’s just the stuff i tweet about.

along the way, i’ve collected some of my favorite tweets and when i read them i LOL (as the kids say). so if you are planning on jumping onto the twitter bandwagon, i’d recommend following some of these fine folks:

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