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Dec 11


we are back from our little sojourn to the red wood forest and here are 10 things i know for sure:

1. northern california landscapes remind so me of new zealand. and since i miss NZ daily, it is so re-fueling to frolic amidst the ancient trees and the rocky coast lines that patches of earth like santa cruz offer.

2. brunch is the best meal of the day. if you find a good brunch spot, and by good i mean one that has things on the menu like ‘organic, 7 grain, molasses bread french toast with real maple syrup’ and coffee that tastes like the columbians kissed the beans before they got here, then you should just clap your hands with sheer joy.

3. friends who let you stay in their ‘cozy cabin’ in the woods are sanity savers. #so grateful

4. there’s nothing better than the smell of a forest at dawn. nothing.

5. books on tape may be nerdy, but they take road-trips to the next, next level. we are currently hooked on ‘the hunger games’. so hooked in fact, that we’d drive to our next location and just sit in the car for another 15 minutes besotted with the story.

6. traveling with dev means that we travel with our pillows, which i used to scoff at, but now i firmly believe that everyone should travel with their own pillow. it’s that little bit of consistency that ensures for perfect nights of sleep even in foreign beds. (we even took our pillows on our trip last year to cambodia/vietnam/thailand). (security personnel at airports seemed to hate us for it). (because i guess pillow fights are a threat that should be taken seriously).

7. being in a place with no cell reception or internet is something dev & i need to do once every couple of months. unless we are forced to unplug, one (or both) of us will always have a gadget at our fingertips and as much as i appreciate technology/internet/connectivity, it’s just SO crucial to spend focused time in the here and now.

8. fireplaces make everything better.

9. driving outside of LA restores your faith in humanity. on so many instances i was left incredulous because someone did something as innocuous as let us into their lane without being angry about it.

10. exploring thrift stores in small towns is one of my favorite pastimes. i mean, where else are we supposed to find this most handsome gold foil cat to treasure?


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  1. Amy Kettenburg Says:

    Golriz, you have the best blog! I love your writing style and reading little tidbits about happenings in your life. :)

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