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Apr 11

using nature as a canvas.

last week i highlighted the work of darren rigo who uses elements from nature as a backdrop for his photographs, and today i stumbled upon filippo minelli, another photographer who also ‘decorates’ the landscapes he photographs.

i’m currently enamored with minelli’s series of photographs titled shapes. i’m not sure how he creates billows of colored smoke, but i love the juxtaposition between nature and the man-made explosions of color.

these photos *almost* make me want to bundle up and walk aimlessly through snowy woods.

oh and how awesome is this approach for promoting your bike business in lieu of a sign:

spied here.

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1 comment on “using nature as a canvas.”

  1. Karleia Says:

    This reminds me of the festival of colors, which is amazing!
    Check out this video. I really think you’ll LOVE it.

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