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Oct 10

water on my mind.

i was going to write a post about drinking water. and how dev and i are figuring out how to drink more of it. the problem is the tap water at our place isn’t that appealing – i.e. i can actually taste the chlorine bleaching my taste buds. occasionally, we buy cases of bottled water but then i get attacked by what i like to call ‘pollution of the planet’ guilt. and we weren’t doing anything creative with the bottles like making our very own island. in tennessee we used to order spring water that arrived on our doorstep once a month in those huge bottles that you stick on a ceramic base and tah-dah! we guzzled this happily, until one month it tasted different and when we called up the company they said they no longer used water from a natural spring, and had changed to using purified tap water. interestingly, they were not planning on telling their customers. so that was the end of that. we’ve used brita filter jugs before but they take so long to fill up that you feel yourself actively aging while waiting for the water.

so we’re trying to figure out amother solution. and my plan was to write about this dilemma (which i guess i already did above) and then mid-thought i realized that we are so lucky to even HAVE options. and then i gave myself a look of internal disgust as writing about my water woes suddenly seemed very petty when a large percentage of the world’s inhabitants don’t even have access to clean drinking water. and then i gave myself a talking to about how i should just be grateful that we don’t have open sewers running alongside the sidewalk. and internet, welcome to how my brain works.

PS. this video might make you reconsider buying bottled water:

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5 comments on “water on my mind.”

  1. Corin Says:

    I am a drinking water engineer, and we use the 10 Stage Drinking Water Filter (you can google it if you’re interested; we bought ours at our local food co-op). It fits right on your tap and removes chlorine. We find it to be very convenient. Thanks for posting the video — one of my favs!

  2. golriz Says:

    thanks so much for this idea corin! we will definitely look into it.

  3. Katie Says:

    Call me loca, but I love waiting for my Brita to fill up. It’s like this mandatory -STOP, SHUT UP, ENJOY YOUR LIFE- reminder.

  4. golriz Says:

    katie –
    i love that perspective. the reminder to STOP and enjoy the moment is awesome.

  5. Mullica Says:

    Yeah, I think your best alternative is to install something for the kitchen faucet. I love Annie Leonard’s documentaries and I’ve been meaning to read her book too. Have you ever heard of vapur? It’s a foldable waterbottle. I love mine. Me and my boyfriend use them. It’s so easy and less cumbersom to carry than a clunky metal bottle.

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