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Aug 10

wednesday wants.

to be standing where the photographer was when they took this photo.

my iPhone needs this case. especially because i use it more to take photos than i do to make calls.

i want a crochet blanket like this for autumn picnics in barren fields under big skies.

i don’t like overhead lighting in general. but these are an exception to the rule.

in case you hadn’t noticed, i have a thing for craspedia flowers. even felt ones.

i’m constantly wooed by watches like this one.

i am grateful that my life no longer requires an alarm clock. but if it did, it would be this tasty one.

dev and i fight over who loves this print more.

and this dress. but not the attitude. thankyouverymuch.

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2 comments on “wednesday wants.”

  1. extremie Says:

    that dress blows my mind. gimme gimme!!


  2. Mullica Says:

    Did you see that ipod case because I’d posted in on my tumblr. ^___^ I really hope so because that would make me sooo happy. Because you’re so cool and your blog is so cool. And I’ll stop rambling like a silly person.

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