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Apr 11

we’ve arrived at sisters. a.k.a. storybook land.

things i already love about this place. a list:

1. that we were greeted with a sign that said: ‘welcome to sisters. population 1706′. i mean, what happens each time there is a birth in this town? a new sign gets created? that’s a lot of work. or do babies only happen so few and far between that it’s not a concern? what happens if someone leaves?

2. it’s easier to breathe here. as dev and i ate copious amounts of snacks and rolled down our windows to stay awake during the final homestretch of our roadtrip we were taken back by how much more oxygen it feels like there is here. the air is truly sweeter and it feels nourishing. i know this sounds like hippy dippy talk, but believe me. after six months of LA my lungs have obviously been craving some clean air. [oh. sidenote, remind me to tell you about the experience that this med student told me about where a cadaver was cut open in class and all the students took a look at the black lungs and oooed and ahhed and said knowingly:  ‘oh he must have been a life time smoker.’ to which the instructor said ‘no, actually. he didn’t smoke. he just lived in LA his whole life’.] [actually, that’s the whole story so no need for a reminder].

3. cort’s parents house is a giant cozy log cabin that is entirely heated with a log burning fire. enough said.

4. i could go on a long walk and not see a single soul or hear any other noise besides trees rustling and birds chirping. OH THE SERENITY! [an inside joke for anyone who has watched the australian classic movie ‘the castle’]

5. the wide open skies. hello stars in a night sky. i’ve missed you!

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  1. Signe Says:

    Looks like an amazing place :)

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