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Sep 10

what 1 dollar can buy.

yesterday dev and i were walking around our little neighborhood running errands when we passed a man on the corner of our street who looked rather disheveled. i assumed he was homeless and then noticed he was holding up some scruffy pieces of paper. i stopped for a moment and he told me the little booklets were his “stories”. stories he had written, illustrated by hand, colored in with crayon, and then stapled together to sell for $1 on the corner of sunset & hyperion.

he told me his name was ronald raydon.

my heart was touched by his entrepreneurship and efforts. and i’m a sucker for stories anyway. so i offered to purchase one. he flipped through the options for me – political satire, drama, comedy, etc. and i settled on a comic book he’d written titled ‘Untrue’. as we walked along, i read the whole thing cover to cover. marveling at his imagination and quirky sense of humor.

i just googled his name and found others who have met him. he’d be an amazing subject for a documentary or a SoulPancake video featurette. i’d love to know his story.

i hope we meet again ronald raydon.

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  1. Gracia Says:

    Wow, that’s something you wouldn’t find here in Spain. It’s sad, but I’ve approached homeless people asking for money on the street more than once. On two occasions I offered people to work 3 hours/day in an NGO I was working at in exchange for a whole week of food and shelter, and they both refused. They were healthy looking people under 50 and we needed all the extra hands we could get (we were all volunteers and that was our salary too). Another time I offered to buy a woman some food and her answer was “you know, I’d rather have the money… for other expenses” and winked.

    I guess homeless people around here are not really into using their imagination or working. I wish you do the documentary on Soul Pancake. I’d love to know more about his history.

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