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Jul 11

what ends up mattering.

photo taken in new york city. may 2010.

i had an incredible phone call with one of my bests last night. it’s so refreshing to talk to someone who has no hidden agenda, no desire to get close to me just because i know certain ‘people’ or because i happen to be close friends with the person they have a crush on. with your real friends there is no fraud and no fakeness. no ambiguity and no pretense. hallelujah for real friends.

during our conversation we discussed priorities and how they change depending on your context. i was talking about our trip to southeast asia and how (besides tokyo), i paid such little attention to what people were wearing. it was redundant. insignificant. and yet the second my feet touched american soil i stood in the customs line and unconsciously made a mental checklist of the girl’s outfit in front of me. sam edelman clogs. check. prada bag. check. etc. it suddenly mattered. i guess because it suddenly meant something.

the beautiful thing about leaving your day-to-day context is that it reminds you what is actually important. what wooed me in cambodia/vietnam was that families seemed to always be eating together – sitting on upturned crates on the side of the road. semi-clothed toddlers mischievously grabbing for treats from their elder siblings. old men playing checkers under street lamps. it was evident that family was the priority. and the simplicity of what happiness means in those countries was intoxicating.

and i’m so grateful for that reminder. all the gadgetry and fashion and dramatized hype over the most amazing next ‘new’ thing can’t ever make up for the feeling of peace i have next to the ocean. or the feeling of surrender you can only get staring into a star splattered sky. or the feeling of wholeness i have when i’m near the ones i love.

and the awesome thing is that if you really internalize and celebrate what actually matters you can take those things with you to any place you go, or any place you might be right now.

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7 comments on “what ends up mattering.”

  1. Jeff Says:


  2. golriz Says:

    you’re the best jeff. even if you do listen to DMB ;)

  3. martha Says:

    I really like this one Gol…can’t wait to see more pics if your hard drive ever reincarnates.

  4. Lea Ciceraro Says:

    Beautiful post. So true. Hooray for real friends. And bravo for being able to tell the difference.

  5. bahiehk Says:

    “and the simplicity of what happiness means in those countries was intoxicating.”

    oh yes.

    I think that it what I like the most about living in Latin America :) the joy of simple things is ever present!!

    thanks for a touching post.

  6. chupatinja Says:

    Very true and beautiful, this post made me think of the most beautiful, happiest moments in my life and in none of them I am alone :)

  7. golriz Says:

    thank you for all your comments. it always makes my day to hear from readers of my little blog. x

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