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Dec 11

while researching for SoulPancake props I found this gem

this creative idea takes a mere robot head to the next NEXT level:

this article explains what’s going on. except i read it and now i’m confused. here, you try:

Dan Rosenfeld’s “Big Head” costume consists of a front-mounted 24” LCD panel that displays the wearer’s face in real time. Inside the large headpiece [Dan] installed a microphone, another LCD screen, a half silvered mirror, and a video camera – not to mention all of the power-related goodies required to keep it running. While the main LCD displays his face, the internal monitor is fed by an externally mounted camera that shows him everything going on outside the box. This image is reflected off the half silvered mirror, allowing him to gaze directly at the camera, while also seeing what’s going on in front of him.

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