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Aug 10


in the spring of 2007 i was working at CAA in the ‘ticket counts’ department. which meant my job was exactly that – counting tickets. as you can imagine, my master’s degree came in reaaaaaallll handy as i spent 8 hours a day calling venues to find out how many tickets had sold for each touring artist that CAA represented. this period of my life taught me a lot about the not-so-glamorous underbelly of the entertainment industry. but i got to go to great shows for free. and i’m a sucker for a silver-lining.

anyway, one of the first days on the job, this friendly blue-eyed blonde, named angela, introduced herself to me. we quickly bonded on our mutual love for australia and the ocean. we also figured out that we shared a passion for photography, so armed with our point-and-shoot cameras we’d scout nashville’s finest alleyways and take photos. lots of ‘em.

fast-forward 3 years and we’re both living in LA (this was bound to happen since being land-locked never really agreed with us). we’ve upgraded from point-and-shoot cameras to nikons with fast, wide lenses. and we finally figured out a day where our schedules aligned. a few weeks ago i’d spied this gorgeous field of wild sunflowers in topanga – so, armed with our cameras, one bear hat, and our unabashed posing, we took some vaguely andrew wyeth inspired photos and relished a sunday in the sun.

sidenote: i haven’t shot digital in a LONG time. and i have to say, although it was fun, fast, and instantly available, i realized i have become really partial to shooting with film. i crave the texture of film, the dust specks, the light leaks, and overall the experimental nature of it. i think i’m going to start some kind of business slash project slash awesomeness where i can fully embrace and share my love for film photography. stay tuned.

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3 comments on “wild(sun)flowers.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    you sitting in the grass/hay stuff = MODEL PERFECTION! (sorry to shout)

  2. Cailin Says:

    These pictures are just gorgeous :)
    Very fun!

  3. golriz Says:


    we had a blast. i am a sucker for a wide lens + a wide open space.

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