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Mar 11

yet another roadtrip.

today we’re embarking on an adventure to the pacific north west. and by that i mean, oregon. we’re taking only our very best flannel and plaid in preparation and getting excited about stumptown coffee beans.

we’re stopping off for a night in san fran so we can not go stir crazy in the car split the drive over two days. our first destination after SF is sisters, oregon. i have no idea where that is.

i just googled it. and i still have no idea.

sisters looks like it’s literally a pinprick in the middle of a giant green blanket. (not sure what the white part of the map means. maybe that’s no man’s land). i sure hope that’s the case. i really could do with a dose of wide open pastures and a night sky where the stars are visible. and also a place void of police helicopters with loudspeakers demanding that the criminal in the house across the street leave the premises with his/her hands in the air. which is how we were jolted out of our sleep at 4am this past monday.

the reason for visiting sisters, is that we’ll be attending a memorial for my friend’s papa. a man who i never got to know beyond stories that make him one of my heroes. i truly believe if there were more fathers and husbands and teachers and men like troy gussick, our world would be a much happier and kinder place.

a few days after the memorial dev has planned a little sojourn for us in portland to celebrate our one year anniversary. i still can’t quite believe it’s been nearly one year since we both got all dressed for our wedding and then dev realized he had no idea how to tie a real bow tie (and neither did the hotel staff, or the friends helping us get ready, or surprisingly the entire INTERNET) and so all of our guests had to wait 45 mins while we figured it out the wardrobe malfunction/user error.

i’m going to go on this trip armed with two, possibly three cameras. and i hear there is wifi. even in sisters-speck-on-a-map-oregon, so i’ll try to keep cozyhunting too. and please let me know if you have any recommendations for stuff to do/see/eat in portland!

ps. i saw this documentary tonight and i left feeling so inspired. bill cunningham is one of the maverick’s who first entered the realm of street style photography. but more than just being a fashion savvy photographer, i feel like bill cunningham is a gentle sweet soul, a true artist who cultivated his work into his form of worship. he captured decades of style in new york masterfully and without any pretense or snobbery. my takeaway is how easy it can be to see beauty in the world if you are sincerely looking for it and being inclusive, rather than elitist and exclusive. bill cunningham definitely left an imprint on my soul tonight.

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4 comments on “yet another roadtrip.”

  1. Tara Says:

    GOLRIZ. please post some thoughts/pictures of portland when you get a chance. i don’t know why but for the past few months i’ve been attracted to oregon and have this wanting to go to grad school in portland. it would be lovely to see it vicariously through you. :)

    p.s. happy anniversary!

  2. heather Says:

    I drove to Portland from SF this summer and it was literally one of the most amazing days/drives of my life! I loved driving through the redwoods and along the coast. I HIGHLY suggest grabbing a sandwich at the PB&J’s street cart ( It’s owned by the most darling couple who’ve come up with some brilliant twists on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  3. brooklyn Says:

    make your way to the pearl district! a visit to portland is incomplete without a stop at powells books “the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world”, which is just a supercool place to get lost in, and is right by Henry’s 12th Street tavern which has about a million beers on tap and delicious gorgonzola fries. A stroll down 23rd is also recommended (can start at W Burnside & 23rd)– cool interesting shops and some good places to get coffee.

  4. prema Says:

    oregon! wow, where to begin? you’re only in the most beautiful place i’ve lived in all my life :)

    if you come through eugene, holla at me (prema on twitter) – some amazing consignment/vintage stores here, great coffee and super burritos. and ..good people.

    This saturday in portland is a gathering of friends who get together to eat, pray and uh, love each other! also, places to stay with friends available..

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