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Aug 07

i saw the sign (i dare you not to have ace of base stuck in your head)

i find certain street signs funny…these two gems were caught on my walk today. i love the first because it makes the driveway seem like a robust triathlete. and the second because…well what does it mean? no cruising? cruising for what? who cruises? and why is it okay to cruise after those hours?

these other two pictures are taken from the bridge that i walk across every day going to and from my car to my office. ten minutes of being outside with my ipod in hand, trying to be a pedestrian in a city where everyone drives everywhere. and the last photo is the view from the window of my office. i love having a view. especially since my last office resembled cave fit for hibernating bears. not only did it not have one single window, or even a skylight, but we wouldn’t turn the overhead lights on, just a lamp in the corner. so now having three huge windows is a novelty that i’m not taking for granted.

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1 comment on “i saw the sign (i dare you not to have ace of base stuck in your head)”

  1. amy Says:

    Your city is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! And I love the spontaneity of driving somewhere and just- staying there!

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