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Dec 09

where i (the not-so-wild thing) am

right this very minute, i’m sitting on an oversized couch with my sister and dev in my parent’s house, on a farm in gnarwarre, australia.

we are about to play settlers of catan against each other online. i guess this is pretty lame since we are all in the same room within shin-kicking distance of each other. but we are nerds and our laptops are an extension of our nerd arms.

so, our stateside friends might be wondering why we’re not back yet. it’s a reasonable question since we left in october and were supposed to be back a month or so later. the thing is that we love this part of the globe (no surprise there really). my family is here, as is the sunshine. so…we figured we’d stay a little longer. like two months longer.

on the way back we’re stopping by new zealand again to spend a week with the lovely nina. she has warned me that they have an outside toilet, but who cares when you follow that up with “our house is right next to the ocean on a black sand beach”. that pretty much trumps everything. oh, a serial killer lives next door? no problem. you had me at black sand beach.

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