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Oct 11


1. yesterday i started my 21st week of pregnancy.

2. this means i’m over half way done with the process of growing a baby.

3. this calls for a HOLY MOLY in all caps.

4. because frankly, the past 20 weeks zoomed by. and so wrapping my head around the fact that in another 20 weeks i’ll be holding my child, makes me feel a bit like that moment on a rollercoaster when you are a the very top of the first crest and you know that any second you are going to plummet towards the earth and start screaming. and all the while, realizing that you CHOSE this ride.

5. so the bump touching has begun and by that i mean people (friends and strangers) want to touch my belly, which i’m actually not in the least bit perturbed by, because I CAN’T STOP TOUCHING MY BELLY. it’s so freaking amazing to feel little nori move about inside me and since rubbing my belly is the closest i can get to hugging him, well then so be it.

6. i had all these plans to get creative and take daily photos of the bump progress and montage them into something spectacular. but i haven’t followed through on any of those plans. so here’s the latest shot of me care of dev’s iPhone and the only excuse for my dishevelment is that my hair was washed with hand soap. #forgiveme

7. don’t let the cozy slippers fool you. it’s still far too hot in LA.

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8 comments on “half.way.”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Kayla Rocca Says:


  3. Brittany Says:

    Yeah. I def wanna touch your belly :-) I’m so excited for you and Dev! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. Tara Says:

    EEEEEE you look so cute! I want to touch nori too!!!

  5. Mirielle Says:

    Oh boy… I am finally writing a comment. A while ago, I saw your wedding video on my friend’s facebook wall and I absolutely fell in love. I always show all my friends and family(and last night I showed my boyfriend….) the video of the cuttest, most creative , fun weeding ever. No wedding was cutter than yours. Not even Prince Willian’s. Those fancy weddings are all boring for me now. Alright, alrightttt…….You must have heard that a million times. :)
    I just want to say that, you and devon are a fabulously cute couple that are obviously so happy! And It is so fun to watch that! can’t get tired of watching the part of when you were coming down the stairs and he saw you… LOL He was like a child! haha , was super cool!
    Anyways, so this week I decided to google “Golriz”….. Ohhhhhhhhh. I Found Cozyhunter…………………. AND I SAW YOU AND YOUR BELLY!!! Awww! That brought (happy) tears to my eyes! I already told my friends that I showed the video…they got happy for you too!
    oh man… I have so much to do/study but to read the cozyhunter is so fun! :)

    Wow, this is really weird… It is weird to write to strangers but I just want to say that your video, creativity, story are really touching to me! I don’t even know you people but I just want to let you know that I wish you the very best! lots of peace, health, success and LOVE for you, Devon and the new addition of your family: Your little peanut Nori!

    God Bless :)

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    way to bring on the winter months. <3

  7. Kimia Kline Says:

    nori was referred to as a him.
    IS IT A HIM!?

  8. Nina Says:

    hand soap hair suits you.
    Here is one vote for “the daily bump”
    Oh my goodness, I should stop reading your blog and get back to work.
    Love yooou! x

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