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Nov 10

rate request.

may i be so bold as to ask you, my lovely blog readers and collaborators in cyberspace, to do me a little favor?

as you know, my friends & i wrote a book: SoulPancake // Chew on Life’s Big Questions

it’s basically a ‘big think’ book. it asks questions that you’ve probably thought about, but perhaps haven’t really explored. it is packed with quotes and random facts and each page bursts with art from talented artists all over the earth. and (this is important) it feels good in your hands. the pages are thick and MATTE and it begs to be scribbled in, and drawn in, and heck, move over scrapbooks, this is a living, breathing, growing journal.

so, if you have purchased our book, please head on over to Amazon and give it a rating & a review. it takes very little time, just click on a few stars and you’re done. :)

i would also love to hear your feedback. this is the first book i’ve ever published and hopefully there will be more to come! i know the authors and i would all appreciate hearing about people’s experiences with the book.

ALSO…a huge thank you to the amazing artists who are featured in the book. it’s so wonderful to see all the ways you’re promoting the book!

in other news, how awesome are the rainbows that leak into our house?

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2 comments on “rate request.”

  1. Angela Says:

    My fiance ordered me Soul Pancake because he’s a sweetheart. It should arrive Monday. I can’t wait!! Also, I love your blog. I’ve been reading since your wedding post on etsy

  2. golriz Says:

    hi angela!

    what a very thoughtful & sweet fiance you have!

    i’m excited for you to get the book. please let me know what you think!


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