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Aug 07


the first time i really ‘met’ m2 i was at my first minor league baseball game. it was a caa organized event and i ended up sitting next to m2, jc and diddy and we all shared a funnel cake. several things happened as a result of that evening. i’m sure i clogged at least one artery with the funnel cake deliciousness and now i’m a bit obsessed with them. second of all, i became friends with m2 who shortly after, became my roomie, and soonafter that, one of my closest friends.

over the course of the past three months we have definitely experienced each other go through every range of emotions but looking back what i remember most is a lot of laughter. whether it was hunting down ‘zilla’s’, doing fashion shows, eating a bag of snap pea crisps for dinner, or hating every second of ‘the cleanse’…there was always hilarity involved. even work became a party for us, and the drain of ticket counts was offset by our sitcom-script adventures.

there were several weeks where we didn’t sleep much. we’d go from work to a show and then home, only to stay up till 3am, and feel it the next morning at work. but we’d start the day with tea and a peanut butter bars and do the whole cycle all over again. i really don’t know how we kept up this pace. i am just thankful for the free supply of redbull in the office.

if you’ve read my blog in recent months chances are you’ve probably already fallen in love with m2. she is honest, smart, effortlessly stylish and a catalyst for fun. table time will not be the same without her swinging her laptop around to show me pictures, sharing stories from our day, or introducing me to some amazing music – which is her passion and not just because ‘that’s what people do’ in nashville but because she genuinely cares about the inner workings of the industry. she also does excellent impersonations and is the best person to drive through sketchy parts of the city with because she reminds me that i’m not in NZ anymore and pulling over to ask for directions at a gas station that has 7 cop cars parked outside probably isn’t the smartest move.

so m2.

i hope you smile all day tomorrow.

happy HAPPY birthday.


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1 comment on “2+3=5”

  1. m2 Says:

    you’re making me tear up over here.

    you are the absolute sweetest and you’ve already made my 2+3=5 birthday one i’ll always cherish.

    i can’t wait for so many more memories with you! i mean, we are pretty good at it, we can even have fun rolling up windows. now THAT says something.

    anyway, i love you so much!
    thank you…
    thank you.

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