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Aug 07

63 in a 45

so today i got my first speeding ticket. i was heading to work. and listening to a new compilation cd (thank you Q) and trying not to spill my delicious smoothie (have you missed the magic bullet references lately?) all over my top. blue flashing lights came up behind me and i knew that my luck had finally run out. mum, before you write me the inevitable email…i promise to be more careful.

angela took this picture of me tonight after the show we went to. and i like it. if only because i’m actually NOT smiling for a change. in fact, this is probably the look that the police officer got. somewhere between angry and defeated. and hot. nashville is too hot right now. too hot not to have an ocean nearby. gosh i miss the ocean.

i didn’t even try to get out of the ticket. which is strange considering i love the chance to wheedle my way out of things. just ask jasmine sutton (highschool best friend) how i got away with not ONE detention my entire secondary school existence. including the time we flushed plastic fruit (stage props) down a toilet in the school auditorium and flooded the entire backstage area. i am almost too good and getting out of trouble.

i received some brilliant text messages today from someone who is fast becoming an expert in making me smile.

and now i’m wrapping up my day with pg tips tea. and chocolate. mmm. the dinner of champions.

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