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Aug 08

a list of important public service announcements

1. quddus has the best list ideas. hands down. to even try and compete with his creative genius would be a waste of my time. and your time.

that’s why i unabashedly steal his brilliant ideas and write my own version.

happy Q?

2. i had las paletas for the third day in a row. i’ve now tried tamarind, pineapple & chilli, and blueberry strawberry. tamarind is still in the lead.

3. i used to have an electric toothbrush in australia but left it behind because of the plug/electrical conversion nuisance, so i was back to regular toothbrushes that make you do all the work.

until i recently bought an oral b triumph and it has changed my world. it’s amazing how much brighter my smile is. well, that’s not really a fact but if you lived inside my mouth you would be so much happier i’m sure.

4. as i was writing the above point i thought about something i read on dooce the other day:

There we were whispering in the front seat of the car about how we were going to convince our daughter to eat a pancake. If that is not the dumbest first world conversation. Other ones we’ve had in the past few weeks:

This iPhone is too heavy.

Someone was using my favorite treadmill this morning, so I was forced to use the stationary bike.

This refrigerator isn’t big enough. Let’s buy another one and put it in the garage.

i think the next LIST i’m going to write is ‘dumbest first world conversations’ because writing about how my electric toothbrush has changed my life could definitely head up that list.

5. from what i hear iceland is ultra cool. and not just cool temperature wise. but cool because it’s nearly always daylight and its colorful and everything, EVERYTHING, including the buttons in the elevator are stylish. as great as iceland might be, i am looking forward to dev’s return from the land o’cool.

and not just because i want pecan blueberry pancakes.

although that is one of the many reasons.

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  1. a penny for the old guy Says:

    Golriz totally started writing lists first. The medium as a whole was hers. I took it because my (so called) “creative genius” is not innovative at all. I just work with what other people have thought up.

    much love

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