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// she's only happy in the sun.
Aug 08


inspired by this charming list.

1. you are my best friend.

2. sometimes i might choose a hobby that sounds odd, like wood whittling, but if you support me, it will all be worth it in the end.

3. i cannot be trusted to navigate. my sense of direction is warped. but, i promise you that if we do get lost i will treat it as an adventure rather than an inconvenience.

4. i have a pretty low to zero tolerance for video games where the object of the game is to kill others. video games in general kind of irritate me – unless i’m playing, and even then my boredom threshold is about 30 minutes.

5. i used to be really bad at apologizing. i’m working on this. the best way to get a sincere apology out of me is to hug me tight. even if i just said or did something miserable. which i know is a lot to ask. but when you hold me i’m reminded that it’s safe to be wrong.

6. packing, decorating, making friends out of strangers, and time management are things i’m good at. i’m pretty lousy at wrapping gifts neatly, long division and track and field events.

7. when you smile at me from across the room nothing else matters.

8. i’m not opposed to having breakfast for dinner.

9. no matter what the weather is doing, going for a brisk walk outside always puts me in a better mood.

10. sleeping under heavy blankets with the window wide open in the winter is one of my favorite combination’s.

11. i will always be down to snuggle on the couch with you, a good movie, a blanket, and treats.

12. it is immensely reassuring that i can trust your judgment for background music when we have friends over for dinner.

13. i would be proud if my sons turned out just like you.

14. dancing to cheesy disco music when we can’t decide what to do is always a perfectly reasonable option.

15. watching you say prayers with our children will make my heart melt. every time.

16. i love the ‘idea’ of dawn, but prefer dusk. early morning sleep is very precious to me. i’d rather stay up super late, then get up early.

17. when it comes to gifts i favor creativity over cash value, but i am partial to gadgets with lots of buttons, second hand treasures, and hand written letters.

18. please don’t make me watch sports on tv. (the olympics are an exception)

19. laughter is key. i want a home filled with laughter. if i’m not in a laughing mood sit me down in front of the office, or fawlty towers, or flight of the concords and then come back in thirty minutes.

20. tea solves a lot of my problems

21. it’s a necessity that i inhale your neck when you get out of the shower. just deal with it.

22. expect that ten times out of ten i will want a bite of what you ordered.

23. expect that nine times out of ten i will wish i ordered what you ordered.

24. i don’t take long to get ready. in fact, i can usually be ready to walk out the door in ten minutes or less. if i take longer it’s probably because i can’t decide on what to wear. when that happens you are welcome to pick something out for me because i trust your style.

25. my name will always sound sweetest when you say it.

26. i’m an exaggerator but the flip side is, my stories are usually interesting.

27. we will travel a lot. when i travel i wear the most comfortable things i own besides pajamas and i curl up into a ball and try to sleep the entire distance from point a to point b.

28. even if it grosses out our children i’d like to always be affectionate towards each other.

29. let’s always make time for dates. the more the merrier. science museums, skating rinks, libraries, parks, prague, you name it. i’m there.

30. please feel free to remind me to look up at the stars or examine the perfection of a cobweb.

31. your family is as important to me as my own.

33. i don’t follow recipes but i can pretty much make a decent meal out of anything we have in the house.

34. i don’t mind carrying your keys/phone/wallet in my handbag as long as you don’t mind carrying my handbag when my shoulder hurts.

35. i am picky about my cutlery i use and the dishes i eat out of. if plate or bowl is up for question, know that i’d always prefer bowl.

36. if we make decisions as a team we can’t go wrong.

37. i’m so glad you wouldn’t dream of littering.

38. you should probably anticipate that i will take far too many photographs of you, our children, our life together.

39. when you catch me looking at you adoringly what i’ll probably be feeling is amazement and gratitude that out of billions of people on this earth, i was lucky enough to find you.

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8 comments on “a-list-of-things-the-future-person-i-spend-the-rest-of-eternity-with-should-know:”

  1. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    amen to #24 and #25 and #38 and the rest!

    i may have to steal this idea from q and you.

  2. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    and #7 and #13…

  3. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    ahh and #15!

    ok, im done re-reading…

  4. a penny for the old guy Says:


  5. golriz Says:

    you really want to call me that? who started the list craze? huh Q? huh?

  6. a penny for the old guy Says:

    correction: list idea stealer.

    if you admit that i have the best list ideas in the known universe (which you “unabashedly” plagiarize), I will concede that you started writing lists (in general) first.

  7. amy Says:

    oh, my dear list-writers. you make me smile.

  8. Write Softly Says:

    Ah. I heart this muchly. AND the original from “the submerged submersible.” I’d love to see you tackle the 112.

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