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May 08

a love letter

dear sun,

i’m pretty vocal about my love for you – but i think i need to elaborate on it some more. these days i simply cannot bear to be inside. you just keep coming out in full force, with your backdrop of blue skies and fluffy white clouds and i just want to be outside soaking you in. so, as a result, i keep thinking of ‘errands’ i need to run just so i can escape the office and as i walk out of the building i feel instantly happier. you are my drug and i am hopelessly addicted.

thanks to you i am at least four shades more tanned than i was a month ago. a month ago i was beige. just for the record, i don’t really suit beige. i don’t even like the word beige (nina mcsweeney seconds this motion). some people are lily white and look amazing. not i. so now, with some color on my limbs i once again feel like i ‘fit’ in my skin.

and yes, i know that soaking up your rays is controversial, and i’m not dismissing the risks or advocating for reckless exposure to you – but i must say, i feel like i need you in my life. i’m a nicer person because of you. how can you argue with that?

i think i have a deep appreciation of you because of the three years i spent in the frigid climes of maine. remember how you would take your time getting to that state? the rest of the country seemed to be frolicking around bewitched by spring and i’d still be wearing snow boots. then there was that period of time when i would wake up feeling miserable for no apparent reason. a doctor who diagnosed me with ‘seasonal affective disorder’ and gave me the option of anti-depressants or a tanning bed. it was at that point that i decided i needed you back in my life and so packed my bags and moved to australia where you seem to hang out a lot.

in july/august i’ll probably get a little tired of you. but it’s not really you, it’s the humidity. i’ll retreat to shade and bemoan the fact that there is no beach at my disposal.

these days i’ll be walking and suddenly notice the warmth of you on my back. it’s like a gentle hug from the universe. i know that’s cheesy. but this is a love letter and i can be cheesy. the rules are different.

thank you for saturating my world.


ps. i am also grateful that you illumine the moon.

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2 comments on “a love letter”

  1. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    i would love to see what your lesser niceness during a cloudy day is like- im assuming it is still very, very nice ;)

    sun sure is a lucky one for such a love letter…

  2. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    p.s. for your info- that pic of me and kelsey was taken on andy’s phone- insane.

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