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Oct 09

all mapped out.

we leave in a handful of hours.

i’m so excited but it also doesn’t feel real because right now i’m sitting in andy’s living room figuring out soulpancake content for next week and doing a load of laundry. devon hasn’t even showered or packed or eaten benito’s super nachos (which i know is highest on his agenda).

we’ve planning this trip since may and now it’s finally here. once i’m sitting on the plane, shoes off, socks on, hoodie zipped up (i strive for coziness on planes), then i’m sure it will hit home. and then i’ll be too excited to sleep. gah!

our first stop is the cook islands. my plan is to do nothing but lie in warm sand listen to the waves. and eat lots of fresh fruit. and ride mopeds. and go on jungle adventures.

i will also be singing this song a lot because it’s stuck in my head.

and in the words of my dearest sister, ashley ludwin, lehhssss go. :)

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  1. montague Says:

    have an outstanding time!

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