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Aug 07

and so it goes…

today m2 forwarded me pictures from an event held at caa a few months ago. as always, we are the world’s biggest posers.

i had forgotten that this photo was even taken and seeing it made me think about how recent days/weeks/months have zoomed by…leaving me breathless and a bit disorientated.

i often tell myself that i need to slow down. take more deep breaths and carve out ‘alone time’, but i’ve also enjoyed being an active participant in my life. acting on impulses. basking in new friendships. staying awake till 3am thinking about all the possible outcomes. going in directions never before considered. being in the moment. taking risks. making tough choices. and feeling it every step of the way. it’s been an exhausting, exciting, fragile year so far. but i don’t think i would do any of it differently.

and there is always more to come. more of the good. more of the bad. and hopefully a lot more of the amazingly great. because really, that is what we are all looking for. and i’m a big believer that it is out there. and often not too far out of reach.

so. i guess the point is to go after those things that infuse color and brilliance into your world. and once you have them, hold on tight.

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